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By Truemax | 15 August 2023 | 0 Comments

The computing power is full, the texture is beyond

On the evening of August 14, Beijing time, the Redmi K60 supreme version was officially released, equipped with Mediatek Tianji 9200+, and the Antutu run score reached 1.77 million, which is the first in the Android camp.
The Redmi K60 Extreme Edition is equipped with the Pixelworks X7 standalone display chip and supports both hyperframe and hyperminute concurrency, which is rare in the industry. Can provide an extremely powerful gaming experience, so that "Original God" can also run smoothly in high frame rate, high-definition graphics.
In terms of screen, the Redmi K60 Supreme Edition adopts the second-generation 1.5K flagship straight screen, using Huaxing's latest C7 luminous material, which greatly reduces power consumption. Not only that, the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition has a rare brightness of up to 2,600 nits, and the outdoor display is sharper.
On the image, the Redmi K60 Supreme version is equipped with SONY IMX800 outsole main camera, that is, the same model on the Xiaomi 13 high-end flagship, and is also equipped with OIS + EIS double stabilization, which is Redmi's strongest image specifications so far.
In addition, the Redmi K60 Extreme edition is equipped with a 5000 mah large battery, supports 120W wired flash charge, and supports IP68 dust and water resistance.

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