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2020, Truemax Travel

Looking forward to this year’s company weekend two-day tour has finally arrived!
     In the early morning, twenty people from the company gathered and set off on time! Sitting on the pre-contacted tourist bus, we soon arrived at the destination of our trip-Qingyuan.
Day 1: Rafting in Huangteng Gorge and watching ethnic dances;
Day 2: Swing on the cliff, slide, foot bath and fish spa, enjoy the Xiaobeijiang on the boat.
     Everyone's spirits and moods seem to be particularly vigorous. After staying in Shenzhen for a long time, suddenly standing among the green hills and green waters, We just feel good about it!  What a vigor! This is nature-lush forests, twists and turns, scattered and varied, just make people forget it, fluttering like joys and sorrows, feathers and immortals.
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